October is here - so it means to many
people - raising funds for breast cancer awareness .
So here i am in my second year - and i do hope
like many of my readers who supported me ,
by purchasing items i had created , that it will
continue again this year .

Below is another digital college sheet i created
for personal use - but items made with it can be sold .

And this is a creation - i made for my friend
Sherry . She has just received it so i can show it

on here today - as it is with her in Canada . Many of you may

already know , that she was diagnosed and treated

for breast cancer . This has changed her life , like it does for so

many people in a positive way , and she now lives life each

day to the full - something which we should all do .

A thriver and survivor - a lust for learning and experiencing

things in life . She inspires many of her readers -

including myself - and this was my way of thanking her

the only way i know how , by creating this rosette .

So moving onto the news i have .
Sherry got in touch with artists - including
myself , and we were asked if we wished to
do a piece of art for the zine she was publishing herself .
What a superhero means to you . Of course i did not hesitate
to participate and it is available to purchase

All proceeds got to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation .
Please take a look and help raise much needed funds .
Cover created by Sherry and photo by herself .

Oh - and here is my contribution .


I have masked over it , to give you a peak
hoping that you will interested in purchasing
the zine - and yes - that is me !!

Below are some items i have to
purchase ..
One of a kind fabric rosette -
" Check Yourself "

Leather keyring

An owl key charm

Click HERE to view

T.F.L - and enjoy your day !!


sherry ♥ lee said...

As always, you take my breath away with your kindness, generosity and your heart.

I was so privileged to have you say yes to being part of the zine and as you know I was yelling "brava" for how you approached the topic of Super Hero. You my dear, are definitely a Super Hero to me!! ♥

Lynn said...

I will probably get my copy today and I can't wait :)