" Butterfly tree "

9" high - pot size 4.5 cm .

A recycled tiny plastic pot from a
cacti plant . I placed a few stones in the
base , florist oasis and sisal fibres -
2 small leaves and lady bird .
Arranged real twigs in the oasis ..

printed out some butterflies and
mounted onto card and cut them out.

To keep them in place on the tree - or
move them about - i stuck a tiny peg on the
back .

And there you have an easy simple display ;o)
You could also just place dried twigs in a vase
with the butterflies on too as a larger version .
Enjoy your weekend everyone !!
And a Happy Thanks giving to my Canadian readers !!


Deborah said...

So cute! Very clever printing out the butterflies. I've just got to get back into crafting...easy now with all your inspiration.
**blows kisses** Deborah

sherry ♥ lee said...

You come up with some of THE most brilliant ideas!!!! Love this!! And thanks for the happy turkey wishes!! ♥

Lynn said...

You clever girl :) The butterflies could be clipped to almost anything and at anytime, love it !!!!!