We had a large carrier bag of apples
given by our neighbours from their tree -
- so i`ve been trying to use them and i did some baking
yesterday and made use of the oven while
it was on . I`ve been making scones recently - so i
used that recipe ..

Folded apple scones -

Peel , core 3 small apples and cook with a little water
and sugar in the microwave - i added fresh nutmeg -
but cinnamon goes well with apples too
-while that`s cooking -
Put 8oz S.R flour , pinch salt , tblsp sugar in
a bowl and rub in 3oz butter until like breadcrumbs -
then add milk to bind and knead for a minute .
Cut dough into 4 pieces

Roll out into a rough square

Place cooked apples in center

Fold over corners as shown -
milk dabbed onto corners to stick together .

Onto a greased baking sheet - glaze with milk
oven - 200F for approx 15 mins

Here they are - puffed out and golden -
Serve on their own , dust with icing sugar
cream / ice cream and enjoy !!

Alternatively -
add half a small tub of chopped glace cherries
and cut out - or omit the sugar and add 3oz mature
grated cheese - these are my cheese scones -
Yummy !! ;o)


Lynn said...

Ooooooo yum... I could eat either or both right now, love anything with apples and I love cheese scones :)
My inlaws have given us bags of apples too but I don't bake so have just been eating them. Cooper loves apples too :)

Deborah said...

Oooops, I just drooled on your blog. They look wonderful. And tempting. And if I make them I know what Weight Watchers on Line is going to say next time I log in...once the gave me heck for gaining four ounces! **sigh**

*Noelle* said...

hello! those look sooooo tasty with a mug of pumpkin spice coffee, yum!! love your new fall blog look!!

sherry ♥ lee said...

I would like one of each please and a cup of tea would just hit the spot right now!! I'm keeping this recipe...good thing I'm going to join the local gym this week!! I'll need it!! :)

Meggie said...

Good....ness! How absolutely divine! I'll be right over to have a scone or two....and a cup of tea, of course!