Yes - i`m still doing my yearly
month by month journal -which
i am happy about and still creating pages .
My latest ones ..

There`s a poem from a vintage childrens
bedtime story book - it reads

As the summer`s days go by ,
you hardly notice how they fly.
Until one day - the meadows nod ,
with aster stars and golden rod .
And in the orchard trees bow low
with burnished apples all a glow.
Until a starling flock streams by
Like some dark shadow on the sky
That fills it full and then moves on ,
And when it goes - the summer`s gone .

Have a great weekend !!

1 comment:

sherry ♥ lee said...

Ah summer's gone...but it will be back!! For now I'm trying to get my head around autumn...thinking of things to cook that are comfort food (preparing myself for the long days of winter ahead!) and sweaters and long scarves to wrap around my neck...

Loving the greens in that paint chip!!!!