Happy Halloween everyone !!

Stay safe and enjoy the weekend !!


Time to show you some more baking
i did last weekend :o)
Homemade - Swiss roll -
or i think in the USA it`s jello roll ?
It had been years since i made one with jam ,
i didn`t have any - so i used lemon curd
instead - I got some help later on - as you`ll see -
my other half videod me rolling it !!
When i was just going to snap pictures for you ;o)
Preheat oven to 200 f

Whisk together 3 eggs and 3oz caster sugar
until it forms peaks , then slowly fold in 3oz flour .

Pour into a tin lined with greased proof paper
my size tin is 12 x 9 " - an inch in depth .

It will only take 10 minutes to cook -
so don`t go doing something else ;o)
While mine was cooking -
i prepared another sheet of paper
sprinkled with sugar - no caster sugar left
it will look better with that though ;o)
I then put 4 Tblsp of lemon curd ( or jam ) and warmed
it in the microwave - to spread better .

10 minutes later ...
You have to be quick with the next stages -
Take it out of the tin and place the cooked side on the sugar -
then quickly peel away the paper .Spread the warm
chosen filling on - Then it`s rolling it up !

Not bad huh ??

Here i am rolling it up - ahem -
excuse the mess - and if i`d have known
i was going to make an appearance on here -
I would have tidied myself up a little !!
I`m not one for being in the limelight , only
on the odd occasion - and my Christmas video message -
i do have an idea for that this year - he he !!
And hey - it was late sunday morning -
that`s my excuse and i`m sticking to it !!

Leave to cool and slice -
and enjoy !!

This only lasted 2 days ..

the day after was better when the

filling had soaked into the sponge slightly .


Looking for some pink this morning out on
my walk - for the final Pink Thoughts
Thursday ..
I came across this ..... Not quite at the pink stage
but ...

A hydrangea bloom - in several stages of decay .
Which made me think of life - and how we have
but a short time here - to grow and bloom ourselves .
Each of us is at a different stage of development
and trying to do what we can everyday while
we are here .
So it goes without saying -
Each day is a gift - use it wisely -
Be happy with yourself - and spread it around -
Love what you do - if not - change it .
Make a difference- however small it is .
Just be - you -
And i`ll take this opportunity now -
to thank all who purchased items
from me - to help raise funds for
Breast cancer awareness month !


" Autumn leaf " banner .
Length 72 " - 6 feet .

This is my first banner i created yesterday .
There are so many versions about - and i did not
want to do a paper one . I thought this version
would last and can be used year upon year .
Example of it hung on my fireplace .

2 of each leaf colour - which is a soft velvet
material - sewn onto vintage aubergine
seam binding .

Each leaf has a brown felt backing .

beaded fruits either side - 2 " long
an apple and a pear - which can be
removed and replaced with something else

In the center is an aged tag - 4.5" x 2.5 "
with a vintage owl playing card sewn on -
this is removable also .


" Autumn Acorn " - necklace
We turned our clocks back this weekend -
so autumn is officially here . So to celebrate
it - i created a necklace .
I`ve wanted a large real acorn for months , but
i have not managed to find one - so i decided to
make myself one - out of fimo .
Acorn size 1.5 " - painted and sealed - and the nut
part has gloss on it . The leaf is from a copper brooch -
a hammered effect and to get the pin off - i soaked it in boiled water
- and it just came off ;o) Then i cleaned it and drilled a hole
in the top .

Photo - done with the flash and is clickable ..

The loop on the acorn is from a metal screw
eye that i carefully screwed in before i baked it.
The oven temperature is so low - it didn`t melt the metal ;o)

Then strung them both onto a piece of
faux suede thong .


Leather owl coin purse

Size 5 x 3 "
Carrying on my obsession with owls - i made this ..
Hand sewn from embossed brown leather

Popper enclosure

Red suede beak / wings and suede eyes

Have a hoot of a day !! ;o)


" Bird On A Tree stump "

Assemblage on a wooden coaster-

Diameter size 3.75 "

My fertile mind came up with this a
few days ago . I had a wooden coaster
and i wondered what to do with it -
and this is the result . Green felt and a tiny amount
of stuffing , hand sewn felt tree stump ...

faux moss , real acorn , berries
and a mushroom

And a tiny bird ..


We had a large carrier bag of apples
given by our neighbours from their tree -
- so i`ve been trying to use them and i did some baking
yesterday and made use of the oven while
it was on . I`ve been making scones recently - so i
used that recipe ..

Folded apple scones -

Peel , core 3 small apples and cook with a little water
and sugar in the microwave - i added fresh nutmeg -
but cinnamon goes well with apples too
-while that`s cooking -
Put 8oz S.R flour , pinch salt , tblsp sugar in
a bowl and rub in 3oz butter until like breadcrumbs -
then add milk to bind and knead for a minute .
Cut dough into 4 pieces

Roll out into a rough square

Place cooked apples in center

Fold over corners as shown -
milk dabbed onto corners to stick together .

Onto a greased baking sheet - glaze with milk
oven - 200F for approx 15 mins

Here they are - puffed out and golden -
Serve on their own , dust with icing sugar
cream / ice cream and enjoy !!

Alternatively -
add half a small tub of chopped glace cherries
and cut out - or omit the sugar and add 3oz mature
grated cheese - these are my cheese scones -
Yummy !! ;o)


" Doily Nest" assemblage

Hoop size - 5 " dia .

i`m always trying to come up with ideas
of how to include a nest in my work .
Here is my latest idea .
Using one of my many crochet doilies ,
that fitted inside the hoop , made
a nest from sisal and sewed it onto a
real twig and then onto the doily . Added a
couple of feathers - the 2 side shot photos are clickable

The "egg " was a long almond shaped felted bead
that i squashed down a little .

An alternative background -
when it`s hung - whatever wallpaper
you have up will show through .

I have seen fabrics displayed this way too
using different sized hoops -
and you could even do the same with your
doily collection .


Pink Thoughts Thursday again
for Breast cancer awareness month

And an apt song - by a great artist -

Many thanks to all who have supported me

by purchasing items and i think there are still

copies of Sherry`s zine HERE

if you cannot support this - maybe you

could be a superhero for a day in another way ;o)


I`ve been sewing once again -
and i wanted to make some
lined zipper purses - so i found an
easy tutorial online and away i went .

Green floral purse

Size 5.5" x 3.5 "

using vintage material and a 5 " vintage zipper

Lined with a newer striped material

Then after i got the hang of it - doing it

the first time always takes the longest !

I made a larger one - with this owl material

i had bought ;o)

From Timeless treasures - Tossed owls -

and so very cute !! ;o)

7 x 6 "

The link to make it is HERE

if you want to have a go yourself !


Just a quick saturday project i
did , i always try to do one thing or
start something new on a weekend .
I have recycled a coffee tin
for storage , and seen so many other
versions about , i decided to have a go myself.

Spray painted the lid and vintage wallpaper insert .

And the same paper on the outside with
trim on the edges .

Ready to store many of my scattered notions !